Santa Jokes

After spending years on the naughty list this is an attempt to finally hit back at that ancient snowy overlord the only way that exists, with a list of killer jokes about the fat man him self. Hope you’re ready for some hot fire Santa Claus. This year instead of cookies and milk, leave Sinterklaas your favorite jokes from our list of funny Santa one liners and show him who’s boss. If you’re afraid to end up on Santa’s naughty list, you can just enjoy this list of jokes about Santa in the privacy of your own holiday nook over a mug of eggnog. Santa Claus jokes!
If forced to choose our favorite holiday sprite, I’d choose Krampus, the child eating, switch carrying Christmas demon from Scandinavia, he seems cool. Not like that bozo with a belly like a bowl full of jelly. Even if I can’t get to Norway in time for Christmas, I’d like to get in the Krampus spirit by telling funny while sipping at a warm cup of apple cider. Being naughty never felt so good. After working on this list of funny jokes about Santa Claus, I think I’ve figured out how Father Christmas thinks. You can consider this our naughty list. After you check out this list of , try a few out at your next Christmas party and prepare to bring the guests to their knees…with laughter.