Scary Stories of People Who Were Buried Alive

Many people’s biggest fear (after giant spiders) is being buried alive. Not only is the thought of slowly running out of breath as you try in vain to scratch your way out of a wooden box absolutely horrifying, but realizing that your friends and family didn’t care enough to make sure you were actually dead before throwing you in the ground is an existential nightmare unto itself. You might think these are all historical tales of terror, but not all of the men and women on this list died before the modern era. There’s an unfortunate (and frankly, kind of scary) number of people who died after being buried alive in the 21st century as well. This list is full of some good ol’ fashioned nightmare fuel, so if you’re taphophobic (the fear of being buried alive), you might want to steer clear. Or better yet, face your fears and be healed by this list of people who were buried alive!

Below you’ll find a few happy endings, but more often than not, premature burial ends exactly how you think it will. If the thought of being trapped in a box and gasping for every breath is totally freaking you out right now (as it should!), then after reading this list get to work on your “I’m not dead!” cards and work out a secret code so your friends will know you’re alive even when though you’ve been sleeping for 48 hours. Have fun trying to get to sleep after reading about people being buried alive. We’re almost certain it won’t happen to you!