Secret Signals That Predict the Future of Your Relationship

Couples’ body language is a quick and fast way to determine if a couple will make it… or break it. Decoding body language takes a lot of research, but there are a ton of signs you can look for. Does the woman let her man hold her purse? That’s a good thing – she trusts him! Is he constantly looking at her mouth? According to what body language means, he probably wants to kiss her – or there’s something in her teeth.

After you read through our list of secret signals that predict the future of your relationship, unlocking the secrets of romantic body language is easy – sit back, relax and observe a couple (or your own significant other).

Loving Couples Walk in Sync with Each Other

Loving couples walk in step, according to Susan Quilliam, author of Body Language Secrets: Read the Signals and Find Love, Wealth and Happiness. This mirroring shows a physical and mental connection.

Eating at Different Paces Shows You’re Not on the Same Page

If you’re eating at different paces – like your husband is halfway through his appetizer when you’re already ordering dessert – it may mean you’re off when it comes to your synchronicity. Synchronicity is “a mirroring of movements observed in happy couples.”

Facing Each Other During an Argument Shows Emotional Engagement

“When happily married couples fight, they use very different body language from those who are unhappy,” explains Susan Quilliam. According to Redbook, “Their torsos are facing each other, and they make frequent eye contact. Their body language says, ‘I’m not going to run away just because we’re having an argument. We love each other, so let’s resolve this now.'”

Your Feet Point Towards the Person You’re Interested In

It’s all about the direction of the feet, according to LonerwolfWhen a man or woman is interested in someone, they point at them with their feet while they are standing, or even sitting. When sitting, you might spot this “pointing” when a person tucks one leg under the other. The tucked under the leg knee usually points in the direction of the person they are attracted to. 

A Stiff Kiss Shows Reluctance to Engage Physically

Relax those lips – unless you’re avoiding intimacy with your partner. According to Susan Quilliam“Kissing with hard, closed lips communicates tension and avoidance of intimacy.” 

‘Eyebrow Flashes’ Signal Positive Recognition

Send those signals! Martin Lloyd-Elliott, author of Secrets of Sexual Body Language, explains that not receiving a smile, glance, or an “eyebrow flash” (which is “a spontaneous signal of positive recognition”) from one’s significant other can lead a partner to feel bad without even knowing why. A dinner without a little “flashing” is always a bummer. 

Sitting at Opposite Ends of a Table Puts You in Competition

Unless you have one of those really, really long dining tables, sit next to your partner. According to Julius Fast, author of Body Language, “If you’re at opposite ends of a long table, you may be in conflict over who’s the boss, if only on a subconscious level.”

Looking Down Your Nose Indicates Feeling Superior

Do you unconsciously look down your nose at your boyfriend or girlfriend? Stella Resnick explains that when you look down your nose at your partner (literally, not figuratively – you tilt your head towards the ground and your eyes follow the trajectory of your nose), it indicates that you think he or she is inferior. 

Loving Couples Instinctively Mirror Each Other
Couples in loving often instinctively mirror each other’s body language. “It’s almost as if they’re physically saying that they’re one,” says Julius Fast, the author of Body Language.
A Long ‘Hello Kiss’ Says ‘I’m Happy to See You’

Next time you greet your partner, greet them with a long kiss. As Susan Quilliamauthor of Body Language Secrets: Read the Signals and Find Love, Wealth and Happiness, explains, “Soft lips that linger just an extra second clearly say, ‘I’m happy to see you and I wish we could do more of this.”

Leaning Away from Each Other Indicates a Lack of Connection

A lack of connection could be indicated by even a slight lean away from each other. According to Babble“Leaning away signals that the relationship is very contrived. It illustrates that they’re not connected at all, and one or both may be hiding from the other.” 

Avoiding Eye Contact and Frequent Swallowing Show an Attempt to Hide Something
Are your lie detectors going off? When someone a voids eye contact, swallows frequently, or scratches in front of his or her ear and head, it could indicate he or she is trying to hide something, according to Babble
Showing Contempt Can Mean the End of Your Relationship

Was that a smirk? Showing contempt, the feeling of superiority, can mean serious danger for a couple. As John Gottman found after numerous years of studying couples, “once either part of a couple started to display contempt, the marriage was doomed.” Contempt is often relayed via a smirk or one-sided smile. 

Asking a Man to Hold Her Purse Means a Woman Trusts Him

As Lonerwolf explains, when a woman asks a man to hold her purse, it means a woman trusts the guy she’s handing all her very important things to. A purse is an extension of a woman, and if she allows a man to be near it and entrusts him with holding it, it can mean that she feels a strong and trusting connection with him.

A Glance Towards the Lips Might Indicate a Desire to Kiss

As Lonerwolf explains, if a person is constantly looking at their partner’s mouth, it might indicate an interest in kissing… or maybe that they’ve got something in her teeth. 

Folded Hands Say ‘I’m Closed Off’

Holding your hands folded in front of you could indicate that you’ve checked out or closed down when it comes to connecting with your S.O., according to Babble.