Secrets Revealed by Google Maps

The Internet is an equally dark and entertaining place, where one can discover delights that you didn’t know existed alongside horrible things that you wish you could forget. It’s sort of like the Diagon Alley of the real world. For proof of this theory, you need only to look at the secrets collected on this list. From a naked guy crawling out of the trunk of his car, to drug dealers getting caught in the middle of a sale, things found out by are not only salacious, but they’ll make you wonder what you’ve been caught doing while the watchful eye of Google is upon you (and it’s always upon you). To be safe, the next time you go out you should probably wear some kind of black shroud contraption, or just never go out again. That’s the only true way to avoid ending up on this list of secrets revealed by Google Maps.

Some of these secrets and things found on Google Maps are kind of fun, but a lot of them are going make you worry about what kind of people you share the Internet (and the world) with. They might even inspire you to start using Google Street View in new and inventive ways. If you’ve ever wondered if there was anything in the bottom of that old lake by your house, now you can find out! At least as long as Google’s flown one of their street view drones over it.

  1. Sunken Car with Dead Body Visible on Google Maps

    A body and car that had both been missing since 2006 were found while employees at a Michigan funeral home were decorating their building for Christmas. While looking in a nearby pond they saw what looked like the roof of a car, promptly solving a nine-year-old missing persons case. It turns out that the car had been visible on Google Street View this whole time.
  2. Google Maps Sends Killer to the Wrong House

    A killer who used Google Maps to plan his murder really bungled the deaths of Dennis and Merna Koula when he didn’t double check the mapping app’s work. In 2010, a murderer began sending death threats to the home of Steve Burgess, a man who lived next door to the two people who ended up being killed. How did this happen? His house is mislabeled as the Koula’s on Google Earth.
  3. Teen Finds Bike Robbers on Street View

    After a young boy in Holland had his bike stolen, he couldn’t get the police to do anything about it. But six months later he found photo evidence of the robbery.
  4. Murderer Determines Which House to Rob with Google Maps

    Steve Hodgson, a “prolific burglar” used Google Earth in 2010 to case the home of an 85-year-old woman who he tortured, robbed, and killed. After the murder, Hodgson went on a spending spree using his victim’s bank card and persuaded his girlfriend to pawn stolen jewelry, including a wedding ring.
  5. Axe Murderer Prank Caught on Google Street View

    Playing around with the Google Street View car can be fun, but as these mechanics from Edinburgh discovered, sometimes having too much fun can have consequences. The two goofs forgot about the pranks until the photos were uploaded to Google months later and a concerned citizen called the police. Luckily, one of the cops who “solved” the case had a friend who had his car serviced at the mechanic’s shop where this took place, so everything had a happy ending.
  6. Drug Dealers Caught on Google Street View

    Here’s a helpful tip for any drug dealers who might be reading this: go inside. Also, stop dealing drugs. In 2010, some heroin dealers were caught on a street corner in NYC by Google Street View, and were then promptly busted in the easiest sting operation known to man.
  7. Google Street View Is a Total Perv

    Oops! While mapping Manchester, England, a Google Street View car captured a ~lady of the evening~ servicing a customer. The photos were removed by Google once they figured out what was going on, but the Internet is forever so the proof of Manchester’s red-light district remains.
  8. Smoking Husband Caught by Street View

    If you’re going to get caught lying to your wife, you should try to make it count. Not like Donald Ryding, who was caught smoking in his driveway by Google Street View long after he told his wife that he’d kicked the habit. Mrs. Ryding said, “I couldn’t believe it – there was no denying it now we’d seen him smoking. When Street View first launched, they didn’t blur out faces, but there was no need to with him – he was covered by a cloud of smoke anyway.” Burn.
  9. Is That a Dead Body in Your Truck or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

    In 2013 this image made its way onto the Internet and freaked out everybody who saw it. Why would there be a headless body in the back of a truck? Why would a woman catch some Zs at 70 mph? After a while, so much suspicion mounted that the police began looking into it.
  10. Google Street View Car Hits a Dog

    Well, this is the worst thing ever. In 2013, while mapping a street in Chile, a Google Street View car appeared to hit a dog that was in the street. Google was contacted about the hit and run incident, but they had no comment. (Don’t click that link unless you want to see a dead dog.)
  11. Oh, Look, It’s a Naked Guy Escaping from the Trunk of a Car

    One of the strangest photos found on Google Street View is this photo of a naked man exiting the trunk of a car while a dog either catches some shut eye or slowly decomposes next to him. Google put this photo “under review,” but so far no information has come out about this possible prank/sequel to Martyrs.
  12. Street View Witnesses Intense Break Up

    This street view photo is one of the few pics on the Internet that somehow manages to be funny, sad, and confusing all at the same time. Actually that might be the entire Internet. There is some speculation that the woman in this photo was just cleaning out her car, but supposedly she’s a friend of a guy, who knows a guy, who’s on Reddit.
  13. Dutch Woman Pees on the Side of a Building & You Get to See It!

    In 2015 Google Street View caught this lovely shot of a woman chillaxing on  Chirurgijnhof in the city of Almere, in the Netherlands. And by “chillaxing” we mean urinating in public while smoking a cigarette.
  14. Meanwhile In South America

    One day after launching their Google Street View service in South America, corpses started popping up on the Internet like wild flowers. And there weren’t just dead bodies everywhere, but a bunch of really weird stuff like soldiers standing on buildings, dead rats, monkeys, and more dead bodies. Oh, and a guy walking the streets with a handgun.
  15. A Weird Pentagram Is Discovered In Kazakhstan

    People were understandably freaked out when a pentagram appeared to be carved into the ground in a deserted part of Kazakhstan. No sign of life appears to be even close to the creepy symbol. In fact, Lisakovsk is the closest city to this patch of land, and it’s about 12 miles away. Before alien and cult theories could go out of control, archaelogist Emma Usmanova told LiveScience, “It is the outline of a park made in the form of a star.” Still, some don’t believe Usmanova and think that it could be linked to a more sinister, darker secret.

  16. Masked Gang Stops Cars In Mexico

    A group of masked men stood on a road just outside of Los Hovos, Mexico. Why? No one knows, but what we do know is they’re up to no good. Even scarier? One reader noticed in the background beyond there are a series of scary scarecrows looming.

  17. A Convict On The Run

    This shot was allegedly taken in South Africa. While he looks like a convict from the United States, many pointed out he could be a municipal worker. In South Africa, some municipal workers wear orange as part of their uniform.