Secrets Revealed by Google Maps

The Internet is an equally dark and entertaining place, where one can discover delights that you didn’t know existed alongside horrible things that you wish you could forget. It’s sort of like the Diagon Alley of the real world. For proof of this theory, you need only to look at the secrets collected on this list. From a naked guy crawling out of the trunk of his car, to drug dealers getting caught in the middle of a sale, things found out by are not only salacious, but they’ll make you wonder what you’ve been caught doing while the watchful eye of Google is upon you (and it’s always upon you). To be safe, the next time you go out you should probably wear some kind of black shroud contraption, or just never go out again. That’s the only true way to avoid ending up on this list of secrets revealed by Google Maps.

Some of these secrets and things found on Google Maps are kind of fun, but a lot of them are going make you worry about what kind of people you share the Internet (and the world) with. They might even inspire you to start using Google Street View in new and inventive ways. If you’ve ever wondered if there was anything in the bottom of that old lake by your house, now you can find out! At least as long as Google’s flown one of their street view drones over it.