Sex Devices from Across the Ages

Human beings have been having sex for like,forever. In that time we’ve managed to start hundreds of wars, invent television, and suspenders have gone in and out of style more than once. While all of those things were happening, people were having sex. And when people weren’t having sex, they were masturbating, possibly with some of these vintage sex toys! What did they look like, you ask? Well, check out this list of old sex toys, used throughout the history of sex toys, and try to wrap your head around how one would use any of the items on this list discretely (you can’t, they’re giant).

The sex toys on this list date back as far as the early 19th century (or even BCE!). Back then, people weren’t as open as they are now about sex, and no one wanted to know about your “alone time.” Some women were considered insane and the only cure was manual stimulation – that’s where the toys on this list come in. At the time they weren’t considered toys, and even into the 1980s some of the items on this list were considered to be “muscle massagers” even though the only muscles they were massaging were in very private areas.