Sex-Ed Teachers Share The Most Embarrassing Questions Their Students Have Asked

When in middle school or high school, one of the most awkward experiences involves going through sexual education. But on the bright side, such awkwardness led to some of the best sex-ed questions that highlight the tall task of teaching aspects of sexual maturity to the least mature people on the planet. Students’ test answers speak to that immaturity, but sometimes the teacher might be to blame for sex-ed confusion; if their strange sex-ed video or diagram is presented in a ridiculous or confusing way, a teacher should expect their students to come at them with equally bizarre questions. , like sex itself, requires a give-and-take and cooperation on both sides, only in the climax is watching live birth while in sex climax is… just that.

These tales from sexual education take you back to a time when you didn’t know a vulva from a uvula or thought “semen” only referred to men in the Navy. If you thought you had questions about sex as a teen, you probably weren’t as confused as the following people who posed the funniest questions asked in sex-ed class. Here’s hoping they got some answers before they got in on the action.

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