The Sexiest Famous Girls Who Wear Glasses

Glasses have become a popular trend, and more and more are wearing them instead of reaching for contacts. These hot famous girls all wear glasses and look great doing so. Whether necessary for vision, or just as a fun accessory, these gorgeous are making glasses look hot. Who is the hottest famous woman who wears glasses?
Many celebrities from Tina Fey to wear glasses and look . There’s also the connotation of intelligence that comes with a pair of glasses – why do you think so many men have teacher and librarian fetishes?

Emma Watson

Mila Kunis

Emma Stone

Keira Knightley

Amanda Seyfried

Liv Tyler

Tina Fey

Kate Upton

Jennifer Aniston

Anne Hathaway

Rashida Jones

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Alice Eve

Christina Hendricks

Kristin Kreuk

Michelle Trachtenberg

Katharine McPhee

Leighton Meester

Emily Blunt

Mandy Moore

Amanda Peet

Kristen Bell

Emma Roberts

Natalie Imbruglia

Cate Blanchett

Jennifer Garner

Gisele Bündchen

Taylor Momsen

Britney Spears

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