The Sexiest Movie Casts from the 90s

Feed your need for ’90s nostalgia with this list of sexy stars who defined the decade. Relive the funny fashion of the best actors and best actresses at the time, whether it’s the sexy girls of funny movies like American Pie or the famous hot guys of award-winning movies like American Beauty. Checkout a list of the Hottest Shannon Elizabeth Photos here. And for more hot actresses of the time, head over to the list of The 100+ Sexiest Women of the ‘90s.

Ben Stiller’s Reality Bites is one of the best movies of the 1990s and stars Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder. Checkout the Hottest Ethan Hawke Photos here. Mike Meyers was always able to surround Austin Powers with hot co-stars like Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Hurley, and Heather Graham. Click to view this list of the Hottest Heather Graham Photos. Sad movies like Titanic also top the list when it comes to sexy stars. Click here for the Hottest Kate Winslet Photos. Get sentimental and yearn for the days when these hot actors and actresses didn’t even have kids yet.

Victoria – Tara Reid
Nadia – Shannon Elizabeth
Michelle Flaherty – Alyson Hannigan
Heather – Mena Suvari
Chris Ostreicher – Chris Klein
Stifler’s Mom – Jennifer Coolidge
Steve Stifler – Seann William Scott
Jim Levenstein – Jason Biggs
Tatum Riley – Rose McGowan
Gale Weathers – Courteney Cox
Sidney Prescott – Neve Campbell
Casey Becker – Drew Barrymore
Dwight Riley – David Arquette
Billy Loomis – Skeet Ulrich
Cotton Weary – Liev Schreiber
Amanda Beckett – Jennifer Love Hewitt
Girlfriend #1 – Jaime Pressly
Girl Mike Hits On #1 – Selma Blair
Groupie #2 – Marisol Nichols
Mike Dexter – Peter Facinelli
Kenny Fisher – Seth Green
Serendipity – Salma Hayek
Loki – Matt Damon
Bartleby – Ben Affleck
Azrael – Jason Lee
God – Alanis Morissette  
Bethany Sloane –  Linda Fiorentino
Felicity Shagwell – Heather Graham
Vanessa Kensington – Elizabeth Hurley
Young Number Two – Rob Lowe
Rebecca Romijn – Rebecca Romijn
Woman at Football Game – Jennifer Coolidge
Scott Evil – Seth Green
Austin Powers/Dr. Evil/Fat Bastard – Mike Myers
Michelle Burroughs – Milla Jovovich
David Wooderson – Matthew McConaughey
Fred O’Bannion – Ben Affleck
Darla Marks – Parker Posey
Simone Kerr – Joey Lauren Adams

Catherine Tramell – Sharon Stone