Snapchats from Your Dog

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog would say if he had opposable thumbs and could operate a smartphone, this is your chance to find out. The hilarious pups behind these dog Snapchats have seized the opportunity to communicate their opinions and live out their dreams via the miracle of modern communication. Here you’ll find dogs dropping subtle hints about walk time, lamenting the arrival of their new brother or sister, and even crying out for help. These pictures are every pet’s dream!

So the next time you wonder what thoughts are swirling around in your dog’s head, look no further than this list. Consider these Snapchats sent by dogs your peak inside the canine mind. You’ll definitely like what you find.

This Cry for Help

This Sign That Your Little Guy Has Big Aspirations

The Prankster Cat Has Struck Again

Hank’s Huge Mistake

This Hint That Your Bro May Need a Ride

This Cat’s Best Friend

This Sign That You Should Probably Hurry Home

Worst Best Father’s Day Ever

This Warning to Tread Lightly. Very Lightly.

This Hint That Your Dog Has Spent Too Much Time Alone

This P.S. to Your Grocery List

This Straight Pimp

When You See It…

This Not so Subtle Hint

This Sign Your Dog May Be Allergic to Bees

This Excellent Furry Make up Tutorial


In Case You Didn’t Notice

This Guy

This Sign That Your Dog Is an Aspiring Composer

They See Him Rollin’. They Hatin’.

This Taste of What’s Waiting When You Get Home

This Message to a Tease

The Pug Life Chose Him

This Snap from Mr. Obvious

This Natural Beauty

Why She May Not Come When Called

This Ultimate Pick up Artist

Sleepy Dog Needs You to Set the Alarm

This Subtle Hint That Your Dog Needs More Attention