The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Quotes

The Amazing Spider-Man’ quotes include the best lines from this 2012 action-adventure directed by Marc Webb. In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker, a high school student struggling to understand what’s happening to him as his super powers begin to get stronger. Peter is also looking to find out why and how his parents vanished when he was a child. See a favorite ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ quote listed here? Vote it up! And, if your personal favorite quote from the film isn’t listed here, add it.
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a reboot of the Sam Raimi ‘Spider-Man’ film series. It focuses primarily on Peter Parker’s early years, as he works to figure out the secrets that his father had before he disappeared. He finds a briefcase that belonged to his dad and that ultimately leads him to his dad’s former partner, Oscorp’s Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). Connors has plenty of (dangerous) secrets of his own, and one of his own experiments has gone horribly wrong, transforming him into The Lizard. Peter also meets and falls for fellow high schooler Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), the daughter of Captain George Stacy (Denis Leary), a tough-talking NYPD captain who is trying to hunt down both Spider-Man and The Lizard. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ also stars Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Peter’s aunt and uncle, Ben and May Parker.
Second in His Class

Dr. Curt Connors: “And you are?”
Gwen Stacy: “He’s one of Midtown Science’s best and brightest. He’s second in his class.”
Peter Parker: “You sure about that?”
Gwen Stacy: “I’m pretty sure.”

Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) knows exactly who Peter Parker is — he worked with Peter’s father for years, and he realizes quickly that Peter has inherited his dad’s smarts.

A Bit Excessive

Gwen Stacy: “You’re a wanted man, Peter Parker. My Dad has five hundred officers looking for you.”
Peter Parker: “Five hundred? That seems a bit excessive.”

Having 500 of New York City’s best police officers all looking to capture you might seem excessive if you were a normal person, Peter.

An Accident?

Dr. Curt Connor: “Do you think what happened to you, Peter, was an accident? Do you have any idea what you really are?”

Peter isn’t sure what he really is — yet. His powers are getting stronger, but he’s still not entirely sure what happened to him — or why. Was it an accident?

I Created Him

Peter Parker: “I’ve got to stop him, because I created him.”
Gwen Stacy: “That’s not your job…”
Peter Parker: “Maybe it is…”

Peter Parker feels responsible for what Dr. Curt Connors becomes. Connors is The Lizard, a deadly and devastatingly destructive villain who threatens everyone in the city. Is Peter really to blame for Connor’s craziness? Yes, and no. He gave Connors what he needed to become the monster, but he never would have had he known what Connors was capable of…

The Truth

Dr. Curt Connors: “If you want the truth about your parents Peter, come and get it!”

Dr. Connors is baiting Peter now. He does know the truth about what happened to Peter Parker’s mother and father — or does he? Either way, Peter’s going to have to get past Connors to learn what’s really going on, and that won’t be easy.