Star Wars Has Utterly Ruined Your Idea Of How Science Works: Here’s How

TheĀ Ā franchise has introduced so manyĀ fascinating ideas intoĀ the sci-fi genre’s lexicon, butĀ it should not come as a surprise there isĀ quite a bit of inaccurate scienceĀ involved in the movies.Ā The truth is that George LucasĀ never intended for his creation to be a hard science fiction series but more of a fantasy story set in space. Combining those two elementsĀ meansĀ there areĀ plenty of facts about spaceĀ Star WarsĀ gets wrong: after all,Ā it was never intended to be realistic.

Whether it is the way that theĀ planets within the galaxyĀ are formed or how quickly the charactersĀ can travel to importantĀ Star WarsĀ locations, experts and scientists have pointed out a whole myriad of things inĀ Star WarsĀ that couldnā€™t scientifically happen in real life.Ā Just take a look at theseĀ entries to get an understandingĀ of how not everything in these amazing movies is grounded in realism.