Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed Until RIGHT NOW

Scroll down, friend, and your questions shall be answered; for what you’ll find below is a mother-lode of genius products you didn’t know you needed until right now.

That’s right, we’re here to help you cut the sleepless nights and relentless soul searching. Below you’ll find senseless objects that’ll burn a hole in your wallet while fulfilling you in ways that only a scratchy post that makes your cat look like a DJ can. Beware however, for as you descend, you’ll discover a boatload of objects that you quite possibly won’t be able to go on without. We’ve assembled a collection of genius products and whimsical fixes to all of those little problems you’d given up on solving long ago.

After all, who among us doesn’t need a mitten built to warm our hand and hold a beer at the same time? What imagination-lacking wretch doesn’t dream of being able to give his bro a high-five that (no-shit) produces confetti? Childish fantasies, you say? Long buried dreams, you lament? Well, we say, no more! We bid you scroll down….and behold.

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