Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed Until RIGHT NOW

Scroll down, friend, and your questions shall be answered; for what you’ll find below is a mother-lode of genius products you didn’t know you needed until right now.

That’s right, we’re here to help you cut the sleepless nights and relentless soul searching. Below you’ll find senseless objects that’ll burn a hole in your wallet while fulfilling you in ways that only a scratchy post that makes your cat look like a DJ can. Beware however, for as you descend, you’ll discover a boatload of objects that you quite possibly won’t be able to go on without. We’ve assembled a collection of genius products and whimsical fixes to all of those little problems you’d given up on solving long ago.

After all, who among us doesn’t need a mitten built to warm our hand and hold a beer at the same time? What imagination-lacking wretch doesn’t dream of being able to give his bro a high-five that (no-shit) produces confetti? Childish fantasies, you say? Long buried dreams, you lament? Well, we say, no more! We bid you scroll down….and behold.

The  U.S. Patrol Hidden Wall Safe is only $4.99 from Amazon!
Amazon has  Singeek(TM) Cloud-Shaped Indoor Wall Mount Rainy Pot  set with a pair of Lover Keychain
This  Sport-Brella comes in XL size and six colors on Amazon
You can change a dining room or a bedroom into a playground with this Swing Table from Duffy London
You can buy Pet Sofa Bed for as low as $30 from Amazon
The  Dritz Pre-Threading Needle Kit is just less than $5 from Amazon
Purchasing MAXSA Innovations Car Headrest Multi-Hanger with just $10 from Amazon will prevent your items from rolling under the seat. 
This Electric Pet Door  will allow you to control the access of your pets 
Make your kitty happy by purchasing the handmade Indiana Jones Cat Bridge from Etsy
You can buy Original, Lite, or Kids Selk’bag in different color and sizes on Amazon
The  Kinesthetic Classroom Walker Desk costs $1295 from Moving Minds, but your child may fall in love with this fun desk!
The FiestaFive with 5 cartridges is only $9.95 from Fiesta Five
The iCooker® Electric Stainless Steel Automatic Self Mixing Cup comes in three colors and each costs less than $15 from Amazon
The  Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt costs less than $20 from Amazon
The  Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Containers  are available in four different colors and two different shapes on amazon
The  I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Award Ribbon is only $3.50 and $5 off when you purchase 10 or more from BuyOlympia