The Best Big Bang Theory Memes

The Big Bang Theory is the ultimate show for diehard sci-fi/comic book fans, socially awkward personalities, and Kaley Cuoco’s cleavage. The sitcom’s blend of geeky pop-culture references and scathing humor makes the perfect fodder for the Internet to create genius memes and for us to collect and present the best Big Bang Theory memes available.  The show, like …

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The Best Sports Jokes

Modern athletes are way too serious. With their strict diet and workout regimens, it’s like they’ve found a way to home run the humor out of their bodies. We here at Ranker think it’s time that they were taken down a peg or two. That’s why we’ve put together this list of funny jokes about …

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The Best Hipster Jokes. You Probably Won’t Get Them.

Jokes about hipster are so passé, Or they’re cool again? It’s hard to tell with those impossibly skinny, scarf wearing, leather jacket wearing scenesters. But at least hipsters are really easy to make fun of. So, check out these funny hipster jokes. Jokes about hipsters… not jokes that hipsters tell. Well, maybe they do. Whether they’re …

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