Tattoos Inspired by Fallout

Of course there are Fallout tattoos! The Fallout franchise is one of the biggest series in gaming. The stories of lone Vault Dwellers fighting raiders, battling irradiated beasts, and saving what’s left of post apocalyptic America have inspired millions of loyal fans, so it’s no wonder that a franchise this amazing has inspired Fallout tattoo designs. Check out this list of amazing Fallouttattoo photos of people expressing their alliances (are you a Brotherhood of Steel type or are you a lone wolf?), showing off the amazing power armor, and flexing all manner of Vault Boys.

Which Fallout game is your favorite? There are plenty of cool tattoos based on everything from the first game to Fallout 4, with more than a few stops in New Vegas along the way. Vote up your favorite tattoos, and make sure you load up on Rad-X and Stimpacks before you leave the house!

Vault Boy Enjoying a Tasty Beverage

A Sleeve Fit for New Vegas

Pip-Boy, Right Where It’s Supposed to Be

What Happens in New Vegas…

Mr. Handy Slicing Through Skin

Does Size Really Matter, Vault-Boy?

Vault 34 Pinup Girl

Beautifully Inked Brotherhood Helmet

This Brotherhood of Steel Soldier

Half-Sleeve Mysterious Stranger Perk

It’s a Brotherhood.. of Steel

Minimalist Brotherhood of Steel Insignia

This Perk Is a Bloody Mess

A Familiar Logo in an Unfamiliar Place

Just a Wee Little Perk

The Inscrutable Face of Power Armor

The Wild Wasteland Perk from New Vegas

Vault Boy: Fury Road

The Math Wrath Perk from New Vegas

Deathclaw: Terrifying as Ever

Lone Wanderer Self Portrait

Go Vintage with These Designs

Representing Vault 13

Cute and Colorful Power Armor Piece

Awesomely Apocalyptic New Vegas Explorer

The Big Guns Vault-Tec Bobblehead