Terrifying Grindr Horror Stories

Over the span of three months, Stephen Port, the Grindr serial killer, murdered four victims after meeting them on the gay dating app. And as much as people want to believe that this was an isolated incident, it’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Grindr crimes are some of the most horrific acts that have been committed in recent history. Not only because of the trust that’s betrayed between closeted men, but also because of the young age of some of the victims.

It says something about the world we live in when the general populous is hardly surprised when they hear about crimes being committed via a gay dating app. Grindr murder has almost become a cliché in the few short years that the app has been available, and it’s unfortunate that two people meeting on an app designed specifically for illicit meet ups can’t simply do what they wanted to do because the black cloud of Grindr death is hanging over them.

Grindr Serial Killer
Stephen Port, from East London, has been charged with murdering four different guys that he met on Grindr. His murder weapon of choice was the “date rape drug” GHB.
Colorado Springs Man Stabs His Hookup to Death
After meeting Sean Crescentini on Grindr, Fernando Rosales stabbed his partner for the night to death, alleging that Crescentini punched him in the face after performing oral sex on him.
“Gypsy Boy” Slits a Man’s Throat
After hooking up with a guy he met on Grindr, Shane Dunn, a self described “gypsy boy” slit the throat of the guy of the guy he was sleeping with and left him for dead while pretending to call an ambulance.
Seattle Man Commits Double Murder
In 2014, Ali Muhammad Brown used Grindr to meet up with a couple of guys in Seattle and shot them to death at close range before stealing one of their cars. When he was arrested, he gave no motive for the mens’ deaths.
Lawyer Stabbed to Death in Washington, D.C.
A 30-year-old lawyer working in Washington, D.C. was found stabbed to death in a downtown hotel hours after his wife reported him missing. Police suspect that the lawyer met his death after using Grindr, but so far there have been no arrests.
Homeless Trio Murders Gay Senior
After meeting 71-year-old David Maurer on Grindr and going on a few dates him, Rikky Ranger and his two friends strangled the old man to death before his stealing credit cards, cash, computer, and a gun.
Deputy Attorney General Rapes Underage Boy
Delaware Deputy Attorney General, Daniel Simmons, has been charged with four counts of fourth-degree rape after meeting a 16-year-old boy multiple times, through Grindr. Investigators suspected there might have been more victims, though none have yet come forward.
Closeted Pastor Uses Grindr to Tell 17 Year Old to Kill Himself
Matthew Makela, an outed anti-gay pastor who was using Grindr to solicit sex from men, was in even more hot water after reports of specific comments he made to a teen surfaced. Makela allegedly told a gay 17 year old that he “might as well kill himself,” since he was already going to hell. The boy, fortunately, did not take Makela’s advice, and spoke out in the press, along with his mother.
Idaho Man Raped 13-Year-Old Boy After Meeting Him on Grindr
Craig H. Lee, a 47-year-old man from Idaho, met a 13-year-old boy on Grindr and sent him sexual photos before later meeting up and having sex with him. The police report states that the boy informed Lee he was a minor and that they then engaged in sexual acts in the back of Lee’s business. The boy reported that he had asked Lee to stop, but Lee continued.
Man Arrested for Setting Up a Three Way with 16 Year Old

Matthew T. Coogan is kind of dumb. How dumb? Well, he used Grindr to set up a three way with a 16 year old and a Delaware criminal prosecutor. Coogan was charged with second-degree conspiracy and sentenced with three months in prison.

Florida Man Accused of Rape After Meeting Minor on Grindr
A man from Naples, FL was charged with rape after he picked up a minor and performed sex acts on him , having used a false profile picture on Grindr. The man faces felony charges of unlawful sex act with a minor and obscenity-traveling to meet with a minor.
Philadelphia Man Sexually Assaults & Robs a Man He Met on Grindr
In 2014 Douglas Spady met a man on Grindr, went to his hotel room and sexually assaulted him at gun pointbefore robbing him of more than $3,000. The man who was assaulted said, “The whole thing was just a giant blur. I was scared and I kept thinking if I just do what he says, then he’ll just go away.”
Teacher’s Assistant Rapes a Boy He Met on Grindr
James Martin was a teacher’s assistant who first met his 15-year-old victim while working at a middle school. He left the school, but continued to contact the student via GrindrPolice say Martin arranged to meet the victim in January of 2014 and sexually assaulted the boy in a parking lot.
Man Robs Grindr Prostitute
In 2014, a Houston man was arrested after using Grindr to rob male prostitutes who use the app to ply their wares. A week after robbing the prostitute, the man contacted him and asked to meet up again. The prostitute said yes, but he also invited to the police.
Sydney Man Lured Victims with Grindr
Over the course of about three days, Corey Draper, 23, used Grindr to hook up with victims before holding them up at knifepoint. He was sentenced to 17 months in prison.
Arizona Man Uses Grinder to Commit Robbery
Jose Salvador Rodriguez utilized Grindr and a BB gun to rob six men of their cash and their cellphones. Rodriguez was picked up by police after allegedly trying to rob a convenience store – authorities had been looking for him for months.
HIV Positive Teacher Has Sex with 15 Year Old He Met on Grindr
An HIV positive, 43-year-old Texas school teacher was arrested in 2014 after sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy he met on Grindr. The teacher initially claimed that he believed the teen was a college student before admitting he knew his real age.
Four Men Use Grindr to Molest a 15-Year-Old Boy
Four individual Michigan men used Grindr to meet a 15-year-old boy and have sex with him in an undisclosed location. One of the men faces two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, and one count each of using a computer to commit the crime and possession of child sexually abusive material.
Teacher Sexts 16 Year Old, Leading Him to Attempt Suicide
A seventh grade teacher in Idaho was arrested after texting naked photos of himself to a boy who later attempted suicide. He and the boy met on Grindr, and after the 16 year old attempted suicide, his mother found the photos of the teacher on his phone.
Maryland Teacher Arrested on Prostitution Charges
An English teacher from Maryland was charged with prostitution and sexual solicitation of a minor thanks to an undercover Internet sting. He had allegedly used Grindr to set up a meeting with a 16-year-old boy, who he had promised $40 in exchange for sex.
TV Chef Has Sex with Underage Boy
In 2015, TV chef Matthew Tivy used Grindr to set up meetings with under age boys, and trade child porn with other men. After his arrest, Tivy opened a Chaturbate account to discuss his post arrest sexual exploits.
Substitute Teacher Pays for Sex with Student
A former substitute teacher from Indiana was charged with a misdemeanor account of patronizing a prostitute after using Grindr to contact a student and offer him cash for sex. The crime was listed as a misdemeanor because the student was technically an adult when he was contacted.
Ex-Cop Trades Child Porn on Grindr
Three men, including an ex-police officer and the executive director of the Charleston World Heritage Coalition were arrested in 2015 as a part of a group who exchanged sexually explicit photos of a 14-year-old boy. Michael Paul Norton, the former officer, actually met the boy on Grinder and then solicited him for sex. He could receive 20 years in prison for performing sex acts on the boy.
Man Forcibly Tattoos Runaways He Met on Grindr
An Aurora, CO man who used Grindr to contact runaway men would not only trade room and board for sex, he would also tattoo the men with his name. Besides tattooing transients, Sean Crumpler is also accused of child trafficking, child sexual assault, trafficking for sexual servitude, and sexual offense with notice of HIV. He once told one of his teen victims that he finds “young boys to bring back to the house,” while “hunting.”
Officer Stops Grindr Assault in Park
In 2014,  Sergio Andres Rubio was arrested mid sexual assault by a police officer who was alerted to the two guys who were having sex at the park. Rubio told the officers that they agreed to meet at the park for oral sex after chatting on Grindr and that the juvenile told Rubio he was 19-years-old, although his real age was never released.