The 20 Cutest Kids with Terrible Parents


These moms and dads make the Biebers look like the Cleavers. The photos on this list of bad parenting at the extreme will make you long for those days of black-and-white TV Land shows. This hilarious, yet twisted, list of photographs might as well be the official online Museum of Stupid People. Free admission to all who enter, though it costs you your faith in humanity. Here are pictures of blessed children doing normal kid stuff, while their idiotic parents act like morons.

Their first bad decision? Having the child. The second bad decision? Doing whatever is being done in these photographs. Sons and daughters are shown here doing normal kids stuff, you know, like getting drunk, smoking cigarettes, and being taped to a wall. The pics on this page are the kind of photographs that make you hope these children have one heckuva babysitter. Good luck to these children and their parents (who act like children).

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