The 20 Cutest Kids with Terrible Parents


These moms and dads make the Biebers look like the Cleavers. The photos on this list of bad parenting at the extreme will make you long for those days of black-and-white TV Land shows. This hilarious, yet twisted, list of photographs might as well be the official online Museum of Stupid People. Free admission to all who enter, though it costs you your faith in humanity. Here are pictures of blessed children doing normal kid stuff, while their idiotic act like morons.

Their first bad decision? Having the child. The second bad decision? Doing whatever is being done in these photographs. Sons and daughters are shown here doing normal kids stuff, you know, like getting drunk, smoking cigarettes, and being taped to a wall. The pics on this page are the kind of photographs that make you hope these children have one heckuva babysitter. Good luck to these children and their parents (who act like children).

At Least She Has Her Stuffed Animal

Any parent who uses duct tape on their child is a monster. Especially here, where they are confusing the poor girl about the difference between “duck” and “duct.”

Someone Send This Photo to His Future Therapist

Good parents don’t feed their kids to animals. Or hold them upside down. In public. By the ankles. In a photograph. Tune in next week for “Father Knows Worst.”

What’s the Worst That Could Happen, Right?

This New Agey adventurous couple should probably try being a bit more traditional. You’ve just guaranteed your kid will have a fear of heights… forever.

The World’s Worst Airbag

No, this is not a screenshot from a Melissa McCarthy comedy. This is just a mom who is about to give her daughter pink eye and a horrible smell, assuming the kid doesn’t get the life squeezed out of her (literally).

Okay, This Is Clearly Gonna End Well

These parents are horrendous for letting their child do this (and for taking a picture of it). Or, at minimum, for hiring the worst babysitter in the history of babysitting.

Sanitation Is Not This Family’s Strength

There’s a bath right next to the toilet. It’s adorable to let your child make mistakes, but maybe pick her up and plop her in a bubble bath before taking out the Polaroid.

Something Tells Me That’s Not Fisher Price

The worst dad knows the worst toy. Either that axe is one realistic faux-weapon from Babies ‘R’ Us, or you absolutely suck as a parent.

Let’s Hope That’s Not Grandma

This would make any person, of any age scream and cry. We can only assume the father of this child is Norman Bates from Psycho.

Surely Her Parents Snapped This Shot for Her Intervention

This is not exactly an adorable photo op, Mom and Dad. There shouldn’t be cigarettes in the house, let alone in your little daughter’s lips.

Honey, I Misplaced My Hot Pocket

Remember that whole thing about how you shouldn’t leave kids unattended by a fridge so they don’t lock themselves in? Guess we need to add microwave to that list, too. These parents clearly missed that lesson (among many others, undoubtedly).

I Assume They’re En Route to Hebrew School

This father clearly loves the country of the flag he’s holding. Except for all the people who live in it. Someone call a shrink, and maybe Child Protective Services while you’re at it.

How to Turn Your Son Into a D-Bag 101

The dad is idiotic for showing the baby nudie pics, but we can’t blame the mom unless we knew she took the photo. Oh wait, yes we can blame her. She married this guy.

This Mom Has Big Dreams for Her Daughter

“You’re gonna be the best pole-dancer ever, baby girl!” This is the kind of mom Miley Cyrus would be right now. Pink fishnet stockings… way to shoot for the stars. For a truly electric experience, why not get the kid a little closer to that outlet while you’re at it.

A Naan Blanket Isn’t Warm Enough

Can I have my Indian food served without a child? These idiot parents should be feeding this little girl, not putting her on a platter. Everything (except for the child) looks delicious, though.

Yes, Because Your Child’s Face Is Silly Putty

Babies have cute and pudgy faces, but a little gentleness wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure this kid won’t have any self-esteem problems in high school.

Had No Idea Sarah Palin Looked So Young In 2007

This little girl is about to know what it’s like to accidentally kill another human being. And mom said this would be just another day in the park.

The Perfect Pet for Your Newborn

Maybe there is a better bed to put your child in than the one with the giant snake. But go ahead, it’s a Kodak moment even if it’s the baby’s last moment.

Why Breastfeed When Baby Can Nurse on a 40

This baby is partying far too hard for its age. Beer and sunglasses are for frat boy jerks who are old enough to make bad decisions for themselves.

What Would Freud Say About This Mother?

“Hey baby, I’m gonna teach you how to be a ho just like mommy!” This daughter is making the exact facial expression she should. It’s that classic face of, “OMG! I just realized my selfie-taking, lingerie-wearing, skank-bag mom is the worst parent in the world… and we’ve got pics to prove it!” You go, girl. Assuming you know who your Daddy is, he’d be proud.

Now That’s How to Celebrate Your 1st Birthday

Yes, keep laughing, keep photographing, and keep drinking. This boy is turning one year old, and he’s about to be drunker than he was at his circumcision. These are special times.

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