The 20 Hottest Male Comic Book Characters

The hottest book men, as voted on by lovers around the world. From superheroes to supervillains, these are the sexiest guys your local comic shop has to offer. So whether you’re into the hot hunks who save the world or the bad boys who try to destroy it, cast your vote or rank your own list of comic book hotties here. These male book characters are some of the hottest in all of fictional writing, and you can actually see them, which is an added bonus.

Who are the hottest comic book characters? Take a look at this list and see for yourself. Does make your heart flutter? Or is ’s strong jaw what you dream about? Maybe you prefer the , swooshy hair of Gambit. Whatever the case, deciding who is the hottest male comic character is an important task. One that we all must undertake together. So before you go diving into your favorite comic world, vote up the comic book character you wouldn’t mind meeting in a dark alley.

Dick Grayson






Iron Man

Human Torch


Jason Todd


Superboy (Kon-El)

Doctor Manhattan


Clark Kent

The Crow

John Constantine



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