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The 20 Most Confusing Road Signs Ever

As if driving wasn’t already difficult enough, there always seem to be peculiar signs all over the road just waiting to confuse drivers all over the world. Whether be a construction zone, or just poor city planning, there are road signs out there with symbols and information that’ll make your brain explode. Rather than being helpful, street signs often end up being a sick, twisted joke. Sure, Waze or Google Maps are usually there to save the world’s drivers, but it doesn’t give these road signs the right to make no sense. So before you go on your next driving adventure, enjoy these 20 road sign that are nearly guaranteed to confuse you so much that you may never want to get behind the wheel ever again.

Major Turning Point

All Right, All Right, All Right

Meanwhile in the Bizarro World

Don’t Stop Believing

Read It and Weep

Road to Nowhere

Loch and Load

Right On!

School Daze

When Road Signs Call in Sick

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