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The 21 Best Memes About Juice Cleanses

There’s a reason the health industry has become a multi-billion dollar affair: people love appearing healthy at least as much as they love feeling it. Diets like Keto and exercise fads like Crossfit take the culture by storm and become zeitgeist trigger words for a while. While some people truly do find success in doing those activities, they’re also often unrealistic for the rest of us. Juice cleanses are a prime example of the impracticality of maintaining the latest fitness fads: detoxers may start with the best intentions, but it’s way too easy to cave halfway through the process and binge chips or wine. It’s like that New Years gym resolution you make every year – and drop around January 11.

Those who do jump wholeheartedly into new health obsessions create a sort of cult around whatever activity they’re doing. For us outsiders without enough willpower to stick with it, it’s easy to make fun of those who successfully ride the health trend train. Juice cleanse memes exist to make us all laugh at the silly detox trends we can’t maintain and feel better about the fact that we’re not alone in this utter failure. Get your own healthy dose of juice cleanse memes here and vote up the ones that make you laugh the hardest. After all, laughter is better medicine than even the freshest of juices.

So We’re Trusting Doctors Now

But If You Squeeze The Burrito, You Can Make Juice…

Juice Cleanses Aren’t For The Faint

Not All Cycles Are Vicious

Tomato Juice Is High In Vitamin E

Coffee Is The Juice Cleanse Kryptonite

All Accomplishments Are Equally Relevant

Even A Juice Cleanse Can’t Fix Everything

So Are You Saying Tacos With Lime Don’t Count?

Get It?

Is This How It’s Supposed To Feel?

Things Seem More Realistic At Midnight

An Auspicious Start And A Suspicious End

The Horse Has More Willpower

Why Bother?

Weekends Are For Juicing

Juice Cleanse 101: You Only Need A Blender

Um, Grapes Make Juice

Both Options Seem Viable

People Are Always Watching

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