The 21 Funniest High School IDs of All Time

Every high ID photo you take is an opportunity. An opportunity to show this world that you’re special. A kid who’s not afraid to take chances, grab life by the horns, and make a complete ass of yourself for the whole to see. These high ID cards serve as a friendly reminder for all you out there to never settle for second best.

high school student IDs are the God-given right of every student in the world, whether you believe in God or that SpongeBob is secretly the creator of the universe. Take a look at these of high school ID cards and wax nostalgic about your misspent youth.

From Elementary to High School

A Whole New World

Meanwhile, in Canada…

You Are Now Entering… The Frozone

The Cat’s Meow

Hello, Neighbor

One-Man Wolfpack

Narcos High School ID

Ninja Attack Zone

Harambe Student ID Prank


If the Hat Fits…

Pants-Crappingly Awesome

Phoning It In

The One-Eyed Monster

Slurpee Times at Balmoral High

A Sign of the Times

Eye of the Tiger

He Was Taking ID Before They Were

Birds of a Feather

Welcome to the Gun Show

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