The 23 Most Awkward Professional Baby Portraits Ever Taken

The awkward phase for most people typically occurs during their teenage years, but if you’re lucky, you can get it out of the way when you’re a baby. These are the most awkward baby portraits that exist on the Internet. You could spend the next few minutes surfing the web looking for awkward baby photos, but why bother? This is it. The holy grail of awkward baby pictures. They’re extremely awkward, but they’re also extremely funny. In fact, they’re probably going to make you jealous that your baby portraits are so basic and boring. You know, smiling, looking happy or doing something adorable. So basic. Nobody wants to be basic.

That Awkward Family Photo Moment

I Came from Where???

Where Will You Be When Diarrhea Strikes?

Let It Pee

It’s Important to Lose Your Mind at a Very Young Age

When You Just Don’t Know Where to Look

Oh Hey!

The Original “Derp Face”



Hello Shhhweatheart

Seeing Satan for the First Time

The Crying Game

Fifth Time’s a Charm

Skeptical Baby Is Skeptical

I’ll Get You My Pretty, and Your Little Dog Too!

Tongue and Cheeks

OK Cupid

Party Animal

Cone of Shame

Throw Your Hands in the Air and Wave Them Like You Just Don’t Care