The 33 Male Celebrities with the Best Abs


Shirtless men and their hot bodies are one of the biggest perks of the summer, and this list of the best celebrity abs is a showcase of the most famous six pack abs in the world. The beach bodies of the hottest male put 99.9% of the men on the planet to shame.

Whether you like chiseled abs like the ones attached to David Beckham, smooth abs like Ryan Gosling’s, or in-your-face sexy abs like Usher’s, there is a sexy body for everyone on this list.

What celebrity has the best abs in the world? Who has the most famous hot body? This round-up of famous shirtless men seeks to name the famous man with the sexiest abs once and for all. Vote for your favorite celeb six pack abs to end the age old question once and for all of which actor, celebrity, athlete’s are the best.

Chris Evans

Zac Efron

Channing Tatum

Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman

Jake Gyllenhaal

Chris Hemsworth

Bradley Cooper

Joe Manganiello

Taylor Lautner

Brad Pitt

Mark Wahlberg

Tyler Hoechlin

Jason Statham

Jason Momoa

Jared Padalecki

Kellan Lutz

Liam Hemsworth

Matthew Morrison

Ryan Gosling

Shemar Moore

Mario López

Tom Hardy

Justin Hartley

David Beckham

Justin Theroux

Matt Bomer


Dwayne Johnson

Ryan Phillippe

LL Cool J

Christian Bale