The 36 Best Trader Joe’s Signs

Let’s face it, in today’s world, the minute you leave the house it’s impossible not to be bombarded by flyers, billboards, and ads telling you how you should spend your hard earned money. Most of the time, you ignore the obnoxious sales pitches and try to focus on living your life. But sometimes, particularly funny signs actually manage to catch your attention.

Not every company has the skill, wit, and humor to create great ads that actually make you want to stop and stare. What it comes to getting it right, there’s one leader in the field: Trader Joe’s. The growing grocery store giant has found ways to sell their products with a sense of humor and light-heartedness that’s often lacking at the Safeways and Ralphs of the world. Here we decided to honor their efforts by pulling together a collection of some of our favorite funny Trader Joe’s signs from over the years.

Not only do the brilliant folks behind the signage of Trader Joe’s keep the fun coming with tons of puns, cartoon-like characters, and pop culture shout-outs, but their signs often feature some pretty beautiful artwork too.

As you’ll see below, we’ve kicked things off with a few of the best Trader Joe’s signs in history, but the fun doesn’t stop there!You also have the ability to add to this list of good Trader Joe’s signs, so that the next time you’re roaming the aisles and come across a hilarious bit of grocery story advertising, you’ll have a place to share it with the world. Check out our funny Trader Joe’s sign collection, vote on your favorites, and tack on your own! Hungry yet?

Unlike You, an Elephant Never Forgets

We Pity the Pun Who Tries to Live Up to This Bad Boy

Why is the food so good at Trader Joe’s?

Thanks Folks, They’ll Be Here All Night!

So You’ll Never Forget Them Again

Showy Illusionist Sold Seperately

The Only Acceptable Life Motto

The Tastiest Post-Apocolypse Ever

TJ’s Got Jokes

The Best ‘Sorry Our Neighbor’s an Asshole’ Sign Ever

A Diet We Can All Get on Board with

Grumpy, but Somehow Still Appealing

Jar Wars. Boba Fett Is Cool, but the Wookie Monster Knows What’s Up.

Saving Relationships Since 1958

The Fantastic Founders

Mac Man

Gnome Sayin’?

Win Over the Musical Theater Crowd? Done and Done

We’ll Take Like 20 of Whatever’s in This Chick’s Section

Ron Swanson Commands It

Long Shopping Trip? No Problem

Baking Bad… These cookies are slightly addictive, but they are 99.6% pure enjoyment.

Somehow They Even Manage to Make Nixon Hilarious

So Romantic

The Perfect Coffee for When You’re Painting Insanely Fast Oil Landscapes

Trekkie George Washington Will Inspire You to Eat Anything

Inner Wild Child Included with Every Purchase

Tissues Get It

Delightfully Random = Winning

Presidential Pimp

Pizza and Alcohol and Aliens, Oh My!

Tom Haverford Strikes Again

Prince Is Kinda Nutty…

Your Daily Dose of Awesome via Super Shirtless Scarf Guy

That They Do, TJs. That They Do