The 44 Most Beautiful Street Art In The World

is subjective. What might be beautiful to one person might be low-brow to another, but it’s hard to deny that even though these pieces of  have been put on walls, doors, city streets, and in abandoned buildings, they aren’t meaningful, thought provoking, or beautiful.

This is a list of the top and alternative in the world. Some famous artists will be on here, like Banksy, but a lot of these artists are more unknown. Vote up your favorites, and enjoy.

This Dude

This Helpful Gardener

These Tigers Changing Their Stripes

This Grassy Bird

This Girl Taking in the World Around Her

These Two Strong Men

This Lazy Crocodile

This Guy Who’s Stuck in the Mud

This Hidden Stone Face

This Guy Who Left Something in the House

This Colorful Portrait

This Helpful Hand

This Ultimate in Parking Enforcement

This Chapel of

This Creative Use of Negative Space

This Nature-Inspired Wall

These Piano Stairs

This Girl Who Maybe Shouldn’t Do That

This Einstein Re-Creation

This Steampunk Unzipper

This Hand with a Lot to Hold

This Brazilian Kid Who Has a Message for FIFA

This Leaning Tower of Street Art

This Awesome Street Ninja

This Geometry

These Satellite Astronomers

This Concrete Spidey

This Lonely Lover

These Somber Guys

This Trio Enjoying a Drink

These Street Dice

This Unique Piece

This Guy with the Facebook Addiction

These Colorful Stairs

This Fish-Girl

These Distracted Lovebirds

This Colorful New Take on Mt. Rushmore

This R2 Cover

This Wistful Girl

This Rainbow-Haired Beauty

This Playful Pachyderm

These Pattern Mixers

These Italian Lovers

This Tank with a Cozy Crocheted Cover

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