The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks

Though no one knows the exact origin of April Fools’ Day, it likely has its roots in Roman history beginning with the festival Hilaria or from the Medieval Feast of Fools. These were festivals in which the lower class would often dress up and impersonate the kings and queens and not have to worry about getting their heads chopped off, at least for a day. The earliest recording of April Fools’ Day is in Canterbury Tales in 1392, so it’s been around a little while.

April Fools’ Day is celebrated in several countries. In Italy and France, they might pin a paper fish on your back and yell, “April Fish!” Who knows where that tradition came from!

Now, you might get pinched or tricked but depending on your friends and family, you might get something far worse! Here’s a list of some of the best, not too harmful, April Fools’ Day pranks out there. Go ahead, vote for the ones you might play on a friend or co-worker. If you do, you’ll become filthy rich, I guarantee it! April Fool’s!

Office Chair Prank

Worse Than Razorblades

Because Working Retail Isn’t Bad Enough

Your Janitor Is Gonna HATE YOU

Broken Mouse

Forever Unclean

Bathroom Switcheroo

Go Post-It Crazy

Keep People On Their Diet

Saran Wrap a Car

Make Sure It Goes In Someone Else’s Bathroom

You’ll Go For The Bagels Next Time

Win The Office War

What’s That New Scent?

Leave a Note On Someone’s Car Apologizing for An Accident That Never Actually Happened

So THAT’S Why There Have Been So Many Deliveries

You’ll Never Trust Office Treats Again

Say You’re Cleaning Up The Community


This Is An Any Day Thing

Dollar Dollar Bill Naw

Put Food Coloring in the Hand Soap Dispenser

Cubicle of the Future

Glue All the Eggs Into the Carton

Point Out Your Co-Worker’s Obsession

Put a Pair of Pants and Shoes Inside a Rest Room Stall to Make It Appear Someone Is Using It All Day

Make a Mugshot for Mom

Poop Dollar

TERRIBLE Use Of Red Cups

Make a Cake With Shaving Cream