The Best Dog Photobombs Of All Time

Are you a photobomber? Do you get a rise out of adding your personal flair to other peopleā€™s photographs? Prepare to be inspired by these 14 dogs who use their natural talents for the greatest purpose.

Comedy. The art of the perfectly timed photo (or perfectly timed ruination of a photo) as demonstrated by dogsā€”natureā€™s comedians.

Waiting is the hardest part

Serious Hang Time

Let me wreck your selfie

Perfectly timed potty break

Canoe believe the size of that fish?

The element of surprise!

Heā€™s all about that bass

The ghost of Christmas past?

Whaddaya mean Iā€™m not the baby anymore?

Extreme closeup

Party Puppy in the hizzouse!

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