The Best-Ever Bae Caught Me Sleeping Photos

Long ago, in a land called the , a lonely female claimed her bae caught her sleeping and posted the photo to . Unfortunately for her, the full length mirror behind her suggested that the girl’s bae may have been a figment of her imagination. Though she later claimed the whole thing was a joke, the photo went and created a “bae caught me sleeping” trend that still sparks parodies today.

We’ve put together a collection of some of the best “baby caught me sleeping” or “bae caught me slippin’” photos on the web. So whether you’re looking for ideas to invent your own “bae caught me sleeping” meme or just want a good laugh over some of the things other folks have come up with, you’re in the right place.

You’ll meet everyone from drowsy and self-absorbed babies to lonely ladies who swear that reflection in the mirror is a mistake. For their sake (and the sake of their cell phone batter life), let’s hope they find a real bae soon. 

Cute Poodle Across the Street Caught Me Sleepin'

Baby’s First Fake Selfie

Kitty Bae Caught Me Slippin’

Bae Caught Me Nude Sleepin’ in the Bathroom

Bae Caught Me Preforming Extreme Toe Stunts

Uh Oh, Bae Caught Me Droolin’

Bathroom Sink Caught Me Noddin’ Off

Bae Caught Me… Doing Something Private

Bae Caught Me Showin’ Off All My Angles

Bae Caught Me Practicing for My Funeral

Bae Caught Me Sleepin’ in Front of My Girly Mirror

Bae Caught Me Wishin’ There Was a Bae

Bae Caught Me Making Fun of Her Fake Sleepin’

Bae Caught Me Straight Gropin’ the Bed

Bae Caught Me in My Abercrombie Boy Pajamas

Bae Caught Me on the iPad

Bae Caught Me Cuddlin’

Bae Caught Me Reaching for the Camera While Sleepin’

Bae Caught Me Wishing Bae Was Real

Full Wall Mirror Caught Me Sleepin’

Bae Caught Me Sleepin’ in the Full Length

Bae Caught My Hair Blowing in the Breeze While Sleepin’

Bae Caught Me Sleeping While Dressed Like Bieber

Bae Caught Me with Visions of Chicks Dancing Through My Head

Bae Caught Me and My ‘Stache Slippin’

Bae Caught Me Modeling His Starter Cap

Bae Caught Me Driftin’