The Best Jokes for Teens

  Being a teenager is, like, so totally the worst. Right? You’ve got parents breathing down your neck, teachers throwing homework at you all day, and the horrific tyranny of dating. If there was any group of people that needed to have made just for them, it’s teens. Remember what it was like to be growing into your bodies and fighting off acne at ever turn while trying to hold down a crummy job just so you could afford gas to drive around aimlessly with your friends? It wasn’t fun, but if you had someone in your lives like us to crack a few every now and then, being a gangly non-adult might not have been so rough.   Stop texting your friends for five minutes and check out this list of jokes for teenagers. This list of the best jokes for teens covers everything from the SATs to what happens when ghost teens go to prom, and mean teachers. It really is an all-encompassing set of clean jokes for teenagers. The puns and one liners on this list are squeaky clean, so don’t worry about whether or not you can recite them to your  PG pals. This list of the funniest jokes for teens will keep you out of detention. Maybe.

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