The Best School Jokes Ever Told

A list of the funniest about going to school that you’ve ever heard. Outside of these , there’s nothing about the classroom. Seriously, we tried to think about something else that was about taking tests and dealing with windbag teachers. We speak for everyone when we say that school is no fun at all and it’s a big waste of time. Just kidding, stay in school kids! While you’re stuck in school, at least you can have some fun with your miserable life by reading these super funny student jokes. Enjoy!  Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or even an administrator, you can appreciate every single one of these funny school jokes. If you want to be the class clown or the talk of the school yard, then learn a few of these jokes and try them out with classmates – you’ll be the king of the schoolyard in no time! If you get sent to detention, don’t worry. Just keep some of this school humor in your sock and you’ll be you’ll be writing “VIRAL HAS THE BEST LISTS OF JOKES ABOUT SCHOOL EVER” on the chalkboard until your arm falls off. 

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