The Best Walmart Memes on the Internet

One of the biggest retail corporations in the world, Walmart is known for a few things: underpaying their employees, destroying local businesses, and having the most disgusting, trashy customers on the planet. Here are the funnest Wal Mart memes on the , with enough bad outfits and fat on scooters to last you for a lifetime. Because of their cheap items and low bargains, folks from all walks of life (or all walks of the trailer park) flock to the stores to buy Mountain Dew, Doritos, or anything else that will keep them overweight and extremely unhealthy. Aside from their terrible customers, Wal Mart is unfortunately known for treating their employees badly, giving them wages that aren’t really enough to live on (even though they do things like hire the mentally challenged or elderly). Vote for the best Wal Mart on this list, and downvote any that didn’t really make you laugh.

I’ve seen some things man

The goggles! They do nothing! Wait, I HAVE no goggles!

The ugly reality of Wal Mart

Every damn time

The difference between the two

Sweet, sweet choices

Wal Mart show

I wonder if the traffic outside is worse

She just had a bad hair day


He’s just taking his pet out on a walk

At least they’re honest

Start your rascals!

Needs must

More like Leanwhile

Hard to tell

Get a can instead of getting canned

Which is Vin?

It’s a good investment

Soul crushing

Every man for himself

You find love in all the strange places

There’s other fish in the aisle C

No one would ever throw THAT away

Fight some koopas

No good deeds at Wal Mart

Suited for success

Actually, I’m amazed he’s balancing well

Grumpy Cat says no cuz Grumpy Cat says so

Sweet irony

Minimum rage

But are they cheap?

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