The Biggest Trash Talkers at the Rio Olympics

are high-stakes, high-aggression, and high-competition, and don’t get more hotly contested or passionate than the Olympics. In such an intense environment, it’s common to see and hear competitors throw shade, bark insults, and talk smack. The Olympics are a special gift in this regard, an opportunity for fans to see the world’s best athletes and best trash talkers on the globe’s largest stage.

There are two sides to the trash talk debate. One side believes it takes away from the spirit of unity by undermining the sportsmanlike competition for which the Olympics is known. The other side believes trash talk gives a psychological edge against an opponent or urges athletes to perform better through aggression. Do whatever it takes to win. The games are the better for it, so the argument goes.

Heinous shade throwers are typically very brash people, and the most egregious, best trash talkers at the Rio Olympics revealed themselves as soon as the games began. Some of these verbal samurai, the top tier athlete trash talkers at the 2016 Summer Olympics, lived up to their boasts straight away. Others, the arrogant blowhards, were left gob smacked by rivals. Take a look and rank for yourself among these champions of 2016 Olympics trash talk.

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