The Coolest Natural Bridges Built by the Earth

Some of us are just too busy to really appreciate nature, but have you ever taken a step back to see what natural wonders the world has to offer? Have you ever truly thought about the massive power nature has over us? There are many and beautiful sites to see out in the world, and a lot of them occurred without human interference. Maybe the coolest and most gorgeous natural phenomenon is the non-man-made bridge! They may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but trust me – they are impressive. On this list of the coolest natural bridge , you will see structures from all over the world. You may just catch the traveling bug!

Take a look at this list of the coolest natural bridges built by nature and see what the world has to offer. These structures are made from all kinds of natural elements like sandstone, limestone, and even the roots of trees. The difference between a natural bridge and an arch is that a bridge has been formed by a flowing water source — usually a river, creek, waterfall or ocean. Some are rocky, some are smooth, but all of them are incredible.

The we have gathered are truly a great site to see. From tree bridges to sea bridges, make sure to vote up the nature bridges that are the most to you.

Lush Green Bridge in Oregon

This bridge is located on the Oregon coast and is rare since it features twin openings.

Source/Photo:  Reddit User cwu225

This Rainbow Bridge in Utah

The Rainbow Bridge is located in Oliato, Utah. It is made from sandstone and is 290 feet tall.

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Source/Photo:  Huffington Post

This Bridge in China

The Fairy Bridge is located in China and has the longest span of any natural bridge in the world.

Source/Photo:  CNN

This Root Bridge in India

This tree bridge is made of living roots and is located in Meghalaya, India. The trees are ficus trees and might be over 500 years old. The root bridges take about 15 years to grow.

Source/Photo:  Inhabitat

This Striped Bridge in Torrey, Utah

Hickman Natural Bridge is in Capitol Reef National Park in Torrey, Utah, where you can hike in on a scenic trail to see it.

Source/Photo:  Your Hike Guide

This Towering Stone Bridge in Czech Republic

The Pravcicka Brana bridge is located in the Czech Republic. This is the largest stone bridge on the European continent.

Source/Photo:  CNN

This Mediterranean Bridge in Malta

The Azure Window is located in Gozo, Malta, and is 164 feet tall. The water you see below it is the Mediterranean Sea. It is made when a limestone cave collapsed.

Source/Photo:  Huffington Post

This Half-Forest, Half-Stone Bridge in China

The Zhijin Natural Bridge in Guizhou Province, China is made of limestone and spans 340 feet.

Source/Photo:  Gunter Welz

This Bridge to the Beach in England

The Durdle Door is located in Dorset, England on a beautiful beach. They call this coast the Jurassic Coast.

Source/Photo:  Huffington Post

This Bridge in Utah

The Owachomo Bridge is located in Lake Powell, Utah. It was named by William Douglas in 1908.

Source/Photo:  Jacob W. Frank

This Picturesque Bridge in California

This bridge is a state monument located in Santa Cruz. The park it sits in is also home to tide pools and monarch butterflies. It is made from mud stone.

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Source:  Peter Adams Photography

This Two-Toned Bridge in Wyoming

The Ayres Natural Bridge is located in the Ayres Natural Bridge State Park in Wyoming. This bridge is considered to be Wyoming’s first tourist attraction.

Source/Photo:  CNN

This Roaring Rapids Bridge in Canada

The Yoho National Park bridge is located in the Canadian Rockies. The river that passes through it is called the Kicking Horse River.

Source/Photo:  CNN

This Steep Slope Bridge in Utah

The Rainbow Bridge is located in Utah right next to Lake Powell in the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. It is about 245 feet in height.

Source/Photo:  Stan Jones

This River Passage Bridge in Yellowstone

This bridge is located in Yellowstone National Park. The opening is 30 feet across and was formed from the drainage from Elephant Back Mountain, which flows towards Yellowstone Lake.

Source/Photo:  American Southwest

This Extinct Bridge in Aruba

The Aruba Natural Bridge is made from coral limestone and was about 23 feet tall. Unfortunately, this beauty collapsed in 2005.

Source/Photo:  Aruba Travel Guide

Massively Bridge in Utah

The Kachina Bridge is located in Lake Powell, Utah. In 1992, 4,000 tons of sandstone fell from the opening causing it to further expand.

Source/Photo:  Neal Herbert

This Mossy Bridge in Wales

The Green Bridge of Wales is located on the rocky Pembrokeshire coastline. It is made of limestone and is about 80 feet tall.

Source/Photo:  CNN

This Forest Foliage Bridge in France

The Point d’Arc is a French natural bridge and also a natural heritage site. It is 54 meters long and is the only natural bridge in France that spans a still-flowing river.

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Source/Photo:  CNN

This Smooth-to-the-Touch Bridge in Utah

The Sipapu Bridge is located in Lake Powell, Utah. The bridge has very smooth edges which proves that long ago this area experienced a lot of flooding.

Source/Photo:  Jacob W. Frank

This Mountainous Bridge in Afghanistan

The Hazarchishma Natural Bridge is located in Afghanistan. At 211 feet across, it is the 12th largest natural bridge. It lies in the Hindu Kush Mountains.

This Very Cracked Bridge in Australia

The Albany Natural Bridge is in the Torndirrup National Park in Western Australia. It is made of granite, and was formed from the wearing of the Great Southern Ocean.

Source/Photo:  Roo72

This Pointed Bridge in Nevada

You can see the Lexington Bridge by visiting the Great Basin National Park. It is made out of limestone.

Source/Photo:  CNN

These Stacked Bridges in Algeria

The Natural Bridge of Constantine is located in Constantine, Algeria. The Rhummel River runs through it and another bridge was erected above it to give a better aerial view to onlookers.

Source/Photo:  Natural Arches Org

This Partially Broken Bridge in Australia

The London Bridge is located in Australia in the Port Campbell National Park. It partially collapsed in 1990 – meaning the London Bridge is actually falling down.

Source/Photo:  CNN

This Skinny Bridge in New Mexico

Snake Bridge is located in Sanostee, New Mexico on a Navajo Reservation. It is 204 feet long with a 61 foot-high opening.

Source/Photo:  Jay Wilbur

This Sandy Bridge in Jordan

The Wadi Rum Bridge is located in Jordan. It is in the largest valley in Jordan and made from sandstone.

Source/Photo:  CNN