The Cutest Funny Pics of Animal-Style Love

Animals warm our hearts and bring smiles to our faces! These best pics of animal love feature furry friends that will make you laugh! Mammal, reptile, bird, or fish, everyone is looking for love. Check out this list to see all the different ways they go about finding it!   It isn’t just us humans that need affection. Animal brains share the same pathways as humans, suggesting they also have the ability to have huge crushes, fall in love, and risk having their hearts broken. Some of these pics are so cute, they’ll break your heart if you’re not careful.

Aggressive Squirrel

Hoo Loves Ya

The Softest Love Ever

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Will You Marry Me?

Copping a Feel

Polly Want a Kitten

Opposites Attract

I Love You Always Forever

Panda Express Is Just a Chinese Restaurant I Swear

Open Wide

I Will Keep You Safe

Under the Sea

Swan Love

Remember Our Safe Word

Whisper Sweet Nothings

I’ve Been Waiting

Someone for Everyone

Upside Down You Turn Me

I Love Bacon Too

Underwater Kisses

Pony Up

See You on

Safari Tension

Still Single

Pic of Me and My Ex

Quit Monkeying Around

Dress to Impress