The Dumbest (Real) College Courses

The stupidest college courses are the wackiest, most rudimentary, and straight up useless college courses actually taught at respected universities. From the things that you really should already know how to do, like getting dressed – something you can learn at a Princeton University course – to learning how to argue with television personality Judge Judy – like offered by the University of California, Berkeley – these real college courses teach skills that exactly zero employers look for in prospective job candidates. For many of these strange college courses, what is being taught either falls into a category of common sense or something so obscure that it would only be useful in ridiculously rare situations. In the “do you really not know how to do that already?” category, the Ohio State University offers a course on how to watch sports, one that is surely popular among their scholarly student athletes. Similarly, Montclair State University offers a class on how to watch television, in case that’s something you never quite mastered on your own. In the “let’s pay thousands of dollars of our parents money to learn things we’ll never, ever use” category: Bates College offers a seminar about the career of Whoopi Goldberg; the University of Texas will teach you to speak Klingon; and Appalachian State University will teach you how to determine if Harry Potter is a fictional character or actually someone who existed in history.   So if that advanced calculus or macroeconomics class you’re taking is just too mainstream for you, head over and try one of these stupid college courses. You never know when skills like street-fighting mathematics or the joy of garbage will come in handy.