The Dumbest Text Messages In The History Of Dumb Text Messages

We’ve all experienced that moment of accidentally sending a text message we wish we could take back. Many of us have probably even received text messages that weren’t ever meant for us. Not unlike awful breakup texts, it’s sometimes shocking to see how others respond via text. The list below captures some of the dumbest exchanges that you can’t help but feel astonished by; whether finding a bizarre way to respond to a wrong number, not knowing what The Lion King is about, or photographing the exact moment of a major screw-up, these texts take the cake.

That’s How Wrong Numbers Work

Put One In Your Mouth!

Not That Kind Of Street Name

How Many Cats You Got?

That’s Not How Cereal Bars Work

You Call That A Horse?

Some People Don’t Deserve Dinner

Creative Saxophone Usage

Not The Answer You Expect

An Adorable Pun

Not A Great Day

Typical Boys

A Pun That Makes You Want To Leaf

Classic Mom Text

The Old Legs Trick

“Weapons Of Ass Destruction”