The Funniest and Most Creative Tips Ever Left

What times call for ? Well, have you ever had a waiter or waitress who was either so good or so bad at their job that it didn’t feel like a normal, everyday tip would do? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve gathered a collection of the left at restaurants that’ll give you some ideas about how to add a little flair to your next tip. Whether you’re out to make your waitress smile or leave your waiter a not so subtle tip about how not to be crappy at his job, we’ve got you covered.  Feel sorry for your waitress for having to deal with the crappy customers at the next table? Consider brightening her day with a crayon character with a five dollar bill in his hand. Dealing with a waiter who isn’t worthy of his apron? Here you’ll find some of the tips left for waiters that include subtle, as well as not so subtle, hints about the service. A few of these tips will even give you ideas on what to do the next time you find yourself in one of those awkward situations where all you’ve got to leave is a buck and some pocket change.  

So scroll down and learn how to tip like a boss from some of the funniest ever left. Whether your dining experience could be categorized under the good, the bad, or the ugly, you’ll find plenty of ideas on how to share it with the waiter responsible.

The “Please Ignore the Karma” Tip

The “Sorry About the Sh*tty Folks at the Next Table” Tip

The “Two Can Play at That ” Tip

The Super-Happy Holidays Tip

The Happy with the Housekeeping Tip

The “Thanks for Letting Me Air My Laundry” Tip

The Menagerie Tip

The Shining Star Tip

of Tips

Tip Bro Says, “Thanks for the Refills, Girl”

The “Lemme Spell It Out for You” Tip

The Add a Little Tip

The Cartman Compliment Tip

The “Lots of Love” Tip

The Vacation Tip

The Many of the Five Dollar Bill

The “Sorry All I’ve Got Is Change” Tip

Abraham Tipcoln

The Murderous Psychopath Tip

The Mathematical Prodigy Tip

The Proof of Poor Service Tip

When You Can Tell Your Waitress Needs a Laugh

The Nintendo Founding Fathers Tip

Walkin’ in My Blue Suede Tips

The Tip at the End of the Tunnel Puzzle

Don’t Worry, Be Tippy

Cirque De’ Sol-Tip

The Subtle Hint That Keeps on Giving

The “Like a Boss” Bowtie Tip

Why Waiters Love Athiests

The Wishful Thinking Tip

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