The Funniest “Caught Mid-Sneeze” Photos Ever

Every time you sneeze, you’re taking your life in your own hands… literally. Sneezing can cause eardrums to burst, broken backs, and sometimes even death. Sneezing is snot a joke (sorry, it had to be done), but it does produce some pretty funny facial expressions, and that’s what these funny sneezing pictures are all about. These are the funniest photos ever taken of people and animals caught in the middle of a sneeze. Vote up your favorite mid-sneeze pics!

Days of Summer

One Sneeze to End Them All

Ruff Sneeze

Cat Sneeze Fever

Summer Sneeze

Howl You Doing?

Nobody Nose My Pain

Winning by a Nose

Isn’t She Gorgeous?


Hats Off

The Timeless Art of Seduction

I Can Haz Allergies

Hairball Life

When Your Nose Is Pugged Up

The Three Stages of Sneeze Face

Sneeze = Derp

Exercising the Demons

Leaf Me Alone

Sneezing… It’s Snot a Joke

Bae Caught Me Sneezing