The Funniest Clothing Tags Ever

If you don’t normally pay attention to your clothing tags, you’re making a big mistake. These photos are about to open your eyes to the fact that there are actually a lot of clothing manufacturers out there a sense of . For all you know, the clothes you have on right now might have a or weird joke on the tag just waiting to be enjoyed. Now this doesn’t mean you should take your clothes off right this instant to find out, but it does mean you should enjoy this gallery of clothing tags.

It’s a Trap!

For Kung Fun Pandas Only

If the Shirt Fits…

Booty Call

That’s a Load Off

Results May Vary

Cocky Clothing Tag

Sorry About Your Mom, Bro

First Things First

Keep Your Shirt On

Let’s Put a Smile on That Face

Size Matters

Gremlin Clothes

Sitting Pretty

Get Your Hands Dirty

Dance Party in your Pants

Treat Yo Self!

Easily Impressed

Bae Caught Me Cleaning

Hop to It

Man Up

I’m Huge in Japan

You’re on Fire