The Funniest Kid Shaming Photos

Recently an adorable series of photos featuring kids posing proudly with their crimes has taken the Internet by storm. Though some of these photos can toe the line of controversy,these are a collection of some of the funniest, most light-hearted examples of kid shaming pictures out there! Here you’ll find no guilt ridden faces or shameful frowns, but a group of kids who couldn’t be more delighted with the hysterical crimes they’ve just committed!   Though the majority of these little dudes and ladies have no idea what their signs actually say, one thing is for sure: They’ve been bad. And they liked it! These little perpetrators have no regrets as they proudly celebrate their accomplishments in the areas of inappropriate pooping, mess making, and all around fun!  

So come on in and join in the hi-jinks as these kids revel in the fun of being kids! Whether their discovering their abilities to destroy priceless objects or coming up with new and exciting ways to utilize major appliances as marker canvases, they’re sure to put as big as smile on your face as they’ve got on their own!

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