The Funniest Moments in Speedo History

Outside of competitive swimming, there is absolutely no logical reason whatsoever for a man to wear a Speedo in public. Speedos are without a doubt one of the most tragic inventions in the history of men’s fashion, and guys in Speedos are usually tragedy that one can never unsee. and the worst part is that way too many men seem to be comfortable wearing them. In public! As you’ll see from these 25 of epic Speedo fails, guys rocking them in public has become a major public health concern. Why? Because most men aren’t male models. Most men do not have bodies that are worth looking at in little to no clothing. So, save the Speedos for the Olympic swimmers and laugh at these men in Speedos from a good, safe distance.

Killing Them Softly

One of These Things Is Not like the Other

Hassle the Hoff

God Help Us

Forever Alone: Speedo Edition

At The Speedo of Light

Pretty in Pink

Handles of Love

The Heart Knows What the Butt Wants

Meanwhile at the AT&T Store…

The Dreaded “Speedobomb”

Let Swimming Dogs Lie

I’m on a Boat

Cannot Be Unseen

The Speedo Life Chose Him

Blinded by the Light

Let Me Mullet Over

What Happens in Miami Stays in Miami

Crossing the Tan Line

Speedo Trolling