The Funniest & Most Awkward NFL Photos Ever Taken

Football is great. are the best. But do you know what’s even better than just regular football? Incredibly awkward photos and and NFL memes. Honestly, it just enhances the game. They may be gladiators on the field, but that doesn’t make them immune to embarrassing moments. These are some of the weirdest moments in NFL football history ever captured on camera which is basically a nice way of saying there are a lot of personal fouls and illegal touching going on here.

Up Close and Personal With Rob Gronkowski

Helping Hand

Sexy Rexy

Well, This is Awkward

Personal Foul!

Illegal Use of the Hands

Strap In!

Keeping in Touch With the Fans

Land of Confusion

How Bout Them Cowboys!

Photobombing Jerry Jones

Never Go Full Derp

Oh Hey!

Not Butts About It

Head Games

Grin and Bears It

Rookie Life

Fashion by Cutler

The Sassy Side of Football

The End Zone

The Glamorous Side of Andrew Luck

Ferx Sperts!