The Funniest Physics Jokes Ever

Physicists are a blast. For proof, find the spot in your town where all the physicists hang out, wait until they pry themselves away from their experiments, and then wait for the fun to begin! Like any other group of people, physicists have a sense of humor about their professions. Unlike otherĀ scientists, physics tend to be either insanely complicated or use some sort of math. As you probably know, the problem with some smarty pants are that theyā€™re too smart with not enough . Donā€™t worry about that today! The jokes for physics geeks on this list are not only high-brow, but theyā€™re too! Ā Ā The best part about the on this list isnā€™t all the chuckles youā€™ll be stifling at work. Itā€™s that youā€™re learning something while youā€™re laughing. Donā€™t be embarrassed if you have to look up the meaning to a punchline or two. And donā€™t worry – these jokes arenā€™t just in theory, but they all have practical applications. OK, so maybe our physics humor isnā€™t as spot on as the physics jokes on our list, but you can always wash the bad taste of our physics puns out of your eyes with the electrifying list of the best jokes for physicists.

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