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The Funniest Texts From Deadpool

Have a friend who just won’t stop texting you? That friend who texts at 5am and just can’t take the hint? The guy who’s always playing practical jokes or asking for money? Well, in the Marvel Universe – especially among the X-Men (and poor poor Spider-Man) –  it’s the same guy, and that guy is most certainly Deadpool. The Merc with the Mouth doesn’t even need to be talking to run his mouth at his superhero compatriots; that’s what texting is for. This is a list of his best texts from the awesome people over at Texts From Superheroes. Wade Wilson’s texts to everyone from Punisher to Rhonda Rousey, Wolverine and Spider-Man, as well as Deadpool to Deadpool (from Deadpool)…

X-Men's Rotating Door Policy

Deadpool Loves the Lasagna at That Place


He Only Requests Team Ups for the Biggest Battles


Deadpool Tries to Break Bad with Spider-Pinkman


Deadpool’s Greatest Nemesis: Proper English


Netflix Summer 2028 Funs and Guns


This Whole Scene is Going to be Weird on Iron Fist’s Netflix Show


Texting Stan Finally Worked!


Covert Take Down of the Local Chinese Food Place


He Believes He Can Fly, Touch the Sky, Thinks About It Every Night and Day


How Deadpool Gets Spidey to Open Up About the Clone Saga


He Keeps His Big Guns in his Pants, Hehe


Multi Platform, Meta Texts From Deadpool


He’s Right, Pogs ARE Awesome


The Fox/Marvel Divide Continues to Hurt Everyone


Surgeries… Non-Magic… Regular Surgeries


Multiple Personalites Makes X-Mas Expensive


No One Loves Wade Wilson More Than Deadpool

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