The Greatest Snapchats Sent During Class

Admit it: you during class. We don’t blame you. When you’re in the middle of a lecture, there will inevitably come a time when you just can’t focus anymore. It’s really not your fault. Well maybe a little, but hey, this is why we have social media, isn’t it? It most certainly isn’t to connect and have meaningful dialogue. It’s so that we can our boredom away like the civilized human beings that we are.

That’s what this list of classroom Snapchats is all about: when your eyes start bleeding and you can’t read even one more equation that you don’t understand anyway, and all you can do is fire up your smartphone and let the world know. You, your baes, and your BFFs will all be able to relate to the strange, the frustrating, and the absolutely confusing parts of education that tend to find their way on social media.

From goofing around in class to kids comparing their teachers to celebrities, we’ve got a wide ranging list of Snapchats sent during class that’ll tide you over until final bell. Vote for your favorites!

This Guy Is a Forward Thinker

At Least You’ll Have the Perfect Camouflage

Looks Like Conditions Are Perfect to Make an Escape

When Anatomy Books Just Look Goofy

Let’s Go Exploring?

Pretty Sure This Wasn’t the Textbook’s Intention

Art History Class Meets Pulp Fiction Meets Millennials

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No. No It Doesn’t

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A Very Important Subject

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Spanish Class Makes Us Hungry Too

That Moment When You’ve Been Staring at Your Friend’s Head Too Long

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