The Least Credible Alien Sightings in History

abduction and the lore around sightings has become so prevalent in society that you can ask someone what it would like to be abducted and they would concoct a scenario that’s nearly identical to the most famous of and sightings. We’re not saying that it’s impossible for aliens to exist, but it’s hard to believe stories of sightings that seem lazy. Are aliens real? It’s hard to say, but some of the most recent offbeat sightings all seem to have a lack of credibility about them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the least likely sightings for your skeptical pleasure.
If you keep your eyes on the grocery store tabloids like we do, you’ll notice that UFO conspiracies have taken the backseat to celebrity sex changes and beach body nightmares. But if you start to look around, you’ll realize that visitors from other planets have never stopped popping in to say hello. Whether they’re buzzing airplanes in Spain, or getting their freak on with Chinese lumberjacks, aliens are here to stay. Maybe? The stories on this list aren’t really the easiest to believe, and we want to believe. We just wish there a little more evidence. Is that too much to ask? Take a look at the alien abduction stories on this list and let us know what you think.