The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Photoshop Fails

With social taking storm and keeping constantly in the limelight, it’s no wonder some will do just about anything to make sure they look good when thousands and millions of are constantly looking at them. 

These 11 celebrities have all Photoshopped themselves in one way or another to make themselves look their very best… except for they don’t have a good eye for Photoshopping. These pictures are the worst Photoshop jobs celebrities have made on their Instagram accounts. Some are glaringly obvious, others not so much, but one thing’s for sure: none of these celebrities actually look like that. Vote up the celebrity Photoshop jobs you think are the worst, and vote down the ones that don’t look so bad.

LiLo maybe thought it was a good idea to shave a little off her legs and buns but forgot to remove the tell-tale evidence from the door jam
Major thigh gap. Oopsie!
Someone drew her abs in.
Mariah decided only her arms and legs would pretend to be thinner for the day.
Paris got an arm job.

Aubrey O’Day

Everything is being sucked into the black hole that is Aubrey O’Day’s waistline.
The walls lean in for Donatella.
Apparently Miranda Kerr lives in a world where walls and floors magically bend towards her.

Kristina Bazan

Why is Kristina Bazan’s left leg longer than her right leg, and why is her calf so much bigger than her thigh? #goodeyekristina

Don’t worry, Kim’s just on a new diet.

Nothing like your arm getting bizarrely tiny…
Only the left side of Khloe’s arm ripples from the wind.