The Most Hilarious Dads on the Internet

Whether he’s giving you a hard time about your fashion choices or making fun of your driving skills, there’s nothing like a dad who’s in the mood to joke around. Sure, their dad may be lame, but we bet you can’t help but chuckle at these  dad . The photos of great dads on this list feature fathers in rare form as they tease, embarrass, and crack up their children with their hysterical antics. As you’ll see below, these guys prove that being a great dad means never taking yourself too seriously. We’ve collected photos featuring dads from all walks of life- from the average guy to the father of one famous musician. The men you’ll meet here are masters of a brand of that only dads can pull off as they accompany their kids on adventures embarrass them in front of their boyfriends. 

So crack a smile as you reminisce over old incidents with your own dad, which you’ll probably find a lot funnier now than you did then. Sometimes it’s only in looking back that we can really see the love our dads put into humiliating us in public. So whether you’re a dad, dad-to-be or just the proud offspring of a great guy, we hope you enjoy these funny dad !

This Dad Attempts to Master the Art of Stealth

This Dad Gives His Son a Glimpse at the Future

This Grandpa Can’t Hide His Swag

This Dad’s Frosting Masterpiece

These Dad Are Winning. Epically.

This Dad Makes Sure His Daughter’s Boyfriend Remembers His Place

This Masterpiece Should Be Preserved as a Monument to Dads Everywhere

This Dad Treats the World to Expert Glamor Shots

This Dad, Who Took His Son’s Birthday Request Very Literally

This Dad’s First

This Dad Loves to Keep His Kids Guessing

This Short-Shorted Dad Gives His Daughter a Taste of Her Own Medicine

This Dad Proves He’s Still Got It

This Prankster Dad Knows the Power of a Sharpie

This Dad’s First Time Baking May Be the Cutest Thing That’s Ever Happened

This Dad Prepares to Take a Ride With His First Time Driver

This Dad Likes to Keep His Son on His Toes

This Dad Is Rollin’ Out in Style

This Photo May Have Won Marilyn’s Dad More Fans Than His Son Has

This Dad Gives Sharknado a Run for Its Money

This Dad Knows Art Is Everywhere

This Genius Dad Pioneers the Most Effective Birth Control Ever

This Dad Finds a Creative Way to Be Eco-Friendly

This Dad Loves Leaving His Mark Behind Mirrors Everywhere

This Dad’s Vintage Tweets

This Dad Knows a ’s Worth 1000 Words

This Dad Is Clever. Very Clever.

This Grandpa Knows Karma’s a Bitch

This Dad’s Having the Most Badass Midlife Crisis Ever

This Dad Who’s Young at Heart

Common Dad Response to Becoming an Empty Nester

This Dad Is Just Plain Awesome

This Dad Is the Most Generous Stingy Guy Ever

This Masked Dad Masquerading Under the Radar

This Dad Decides to up His Facebook Photo Game

This Dad Is About to Regret His Decision

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