The Most Hilarious Fast Food Signs Ever


When Your Disgruntled Ex-Girlfriend Makes the Signs

Bet it Actually Works, Too

Oh God, Please Let This Be Fake

Well, That’s One Way to Quit

They Knew Exactly What They Were Doing

Very Good, Taco Bell. Very Good.

This Means You, Rodney…


Wow! Burger King Makes Krabby Patties Now?!

Is That a Secret Menu Item?

Finally! A Job That Suits Your Skill Set!

You Know You Can Just Take the Letters Down, Right?

Hey, Everyone’s Morning Routine Is Different…

They Know What Their Customers Want

Classiest. Wedding. Ever.

That’s… Not How You’re Supposed to Do That

At Least They’re Honest

The Late Night Taco Bell Crew Is Having Too Much Fun

That’s Gross, McDonald’s. You’re Gross.

Does the Combo Come with a Bottle of Dom?

Replacement Sign-Maker Needed

That’s the Best Kind of Sex!

When Your Evil Ex-Boyfriend Makes the Signs

The Most Romantic of Dates

Hint: That’s the One That Would Have Legalized Weed

This Canadian McDonald’s Is So Happy to See You

I Wonder If They Serve That with Truffle Butter

This Person Either Just Got Fired, or Will Be Fired as Soon as His Boss Sees This

Taco Bell, You Too??

But How Did the Cheese Get There?

Fazoli’s, Maybe You Should Calm Down

Hope They Use Fresh Ingredients!

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