The Most Horrifying Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

WARNING: Some of the images, videos, and information about sharks and shark attacks may not be for the squeamish. Proceed with caution. By the end of this list of most horrifying shark attacks, you are going to BE Roy Scheider in Jaws. From the “Real New Jersey Jaws” to the tragic killing of a young man on his honeymoon, this list has all of the horrors of shark attacks imaginable.
Shark attacks  are pretty simple when you think about it – they happen wherever there is water and delicious people (unless this is Sharknado and then shark attacks can happen in your living room). Can we just finish this level before you bite our torso in half, buddy? But most of the time, shark attacks are a result of mistaken identity; the shark is looking for a juicy sea lion or seal and you look like a yummy blubbery treat in that wetsuit.
Why should you go snorkeling wearing chain mail or think twice about being a sailor? Because shark attacks are on the rise with an average of 60 per year in the U.S. Even though the odds are 1 in 11 million that you’ll be attacked by a shark, that’s 60 shark attacks too many if you ask us. The most horrific shark attacks usually involve maritime disasters – war is hell but even worse on the high seas – but there’s also the rogue shark who likes to go to the beach as much as we do. And in real life, there’s no Quint to munch on or Richard Dreyfuss to help us fend off that stone-cold eating-machine.

Shark attacks occur in deep water as well as shallow water, with some people miraculously surviving. Many, however, meet a tragic and violent end. There’s no stopping a great white unless you are Rodney Fox and you gouge its eyes out. So take in this shark attack information with caution. And probably not while at the beach. Or alone next to the pool at night where we’re pretty sure shark attacks are impossible. But if you see Tara Reid. Run. 

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