The Most Memorable (and Embarrassing) Presidential Debate Gaffes

Presidential debates (and by extension, vice-presidential debates) have been a common litmus test for presidential candidates running for the oval office. But as many of us know, public speaking doesn’t always go smoothly. Embarrassing gaffes are peppered throughout campaign history, so we’re bringing you a list of all the biggest fails out there.
It’s been argued that major presidential candidate fails can sink an entire campaign, particularly since they traditionally happen not long before the polls open. When a major candidate says something that angers the American voter, or when a candidate fails to come up with an appropriate answer to an important question, it can sway public opinion just enough to change the course of the election. This goes double for candidates running in the primaries. Primary debates are when candidates have to be their most aggressive, and have to show they are the perfect choice to run in the general election.
It’s during these times that candidates will make their most radical attempts to gain attention and favor. It’s also when candidates fail the hardest – and on national television, no less. Here’s our list of debate gaffes, debate fails, and other strange behavior on the campaign trail. There’s no shortage of candidates killing their campaign with a few poorly-placed words, and we’ve got plenty of videos showing off presidential wannabes failing, and failing hard.
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